The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) organization provides the tools for you to demonstrate your commitment to quality care in your practice. Cardiac Accreditation Services is up to date with the latest revisions implemented by IAC.

We can help you with the accreditation process every step of the way.
Patient care is never delayed and we make the step by step process simple.


Our Software

Automated recordkeeping, retrieval and reporting of all data required for IAC-accredited facilities. An essential software tool for quality assurance. Track patient data, study results, appropriateness/completeness,

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Consulting Services

Accreditation Kick-Start

(1-2 days on-site) Hands-on evaluation of lab documentation, standards, practices and protocols.  Analysis of IAC accreditation readiness and creation of customized action plan for lab accreditation.  Assistance in software installation and staff training.

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Consulting Services


(1-2 days on-site) Complete assessment of IAC accreditation readiness and creation of customized action plan to address deficiencies.

Sonographer Education

(2 day site visit) Hands on education to assist in educating sonographers with optimization and techniques to enhance their scanning skills.

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